For over 50 years, MOSA has been supplying the market with reliable high performance products. Expertise and innovation rank MOSA as a global benchmark in the production of machines that accommodate the needs of the electricity production and welding sectors

Choosing Mosa is Simple For 3 Reasons:



MOSA has spent a great deal of time working on a series of welding machines for the market where the welder is working in tight and hard to reach areas. The line of Magic Welding machines are made with the goal to save the welder time preparing at the welding location. MOSA has done this by making the welders 1 and 2 man portable. This allows the machine to carried directly to where the welding will be done. This is compared to the "old fashioned" way of machine transportation. Years ago, large welding machines would be bolted into the back of the work truck or being on a small trailer. The welder is required to run the welding cables to the location of welding then back and forth to find the exact welding adjustments on the machine foe the job at hand. This has become very impractical and wastes a lot of time. Equally important is the ability of the machine to be powerful enough with a high enough duty cycle to preform a high percentage of the welding tasks required by most welders in the field.


MOSA welding machines are of the highest quality being made completely in Italy with all European parts, except for the Honda Engines. MOSA has opted to go with the highest possible quality European parts supplier. For example; to supply the best consistent power for the machine they decided to purchase their alternators from Ducatti. Cheaper options were available but the lower quality was unacceptable. Unlike our competitors who have opened factories in China to produce the majority of their machines. This cuts costs on the machines parts and labor but also lowers the quality of the overall product.

Power / Efficiency:

A highly portable welding machine is of no use unless it can deliver sufficient power and a high duty cycle to deal with welding in the field. High efficiency is also important from a monetary and practicality stand point, the machine must be fuel efficient to keep operation costs low and there must be a long enough running time to not slow down work in the field. The MOSA Magic Welders have a 60% duty cycle at 100% output and have higher welding output amperage than the competitor’s machine. It also has as a wider amperage range allowing for finer tuning of the right power to do any job allowing for higher and lower welding rangers than the competitors. Utilizing Honda Small Engines allows MOSA to have a highly (most fuel efficient) machine than the competition saving costs as well with 3 Hour + run times from the machines small fuel tanks, with the addition of a 1-gallon fuel can allowing the welder to get a full day’s worth of welding out of the machines.