About Us

Saldatore Distribution Inc was established with one mission in mind, to provide premium outdoor welding & construction equipment to North America.  We recognize that our end users rely on their equipment on a daily basis and require reliable and consistent performance every day.

We import all of our equipment from Europe with clear advantages over the equipment currently on the market. Reliability, performance and mobility are key areas we focus on when choosing which equipment to import. Furthermore, Saldatore Distribution Accessories (SDI) are all designed and built in Canada and the US. We ensure we use the best materials to complement the imported machines.

The manufacturers we do business with are carefully chosen to assure quality of their products along with a long history of doing business in Europe. We have exclusive rights for each product line (some for Canada and some for the U.S). This varies per manufacturer.

Our Canadian head office and warehouse is located in Ontario, Canada. We have a US warehouse in Buffalo, NY.

We also have dealers and sales representatives across North America to help you with your welding needs regardless of your geographical location.

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North American Importers of Premium European Welding, Concrete Finishing, Landscaping & Farming Equipment

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Richard Garcia

Sales Manager

Ricardo Garcia


Cassandra Disano

I.T Specialist